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My name is Jens. I am a software developer and a proud geek. Part from programming, I am an AFOL, avgeek, tech junkie, chili head wannabe (growing my own chilis) and hobby photographer. I am a father of three and live in Sweden (but was born in Sri Lanka).
Professionally I started my careeer in the gaming industry but have moved on to other endeveurs since then - focusing on both enterprise mobile development and enterprise web development. However, this site and everything about it, is focusing on my hobby projects.


In essence, Zon 3 is perfectly illustrated in the picture here. It is a term used to reference "Full afterburner" on the Swedish SAAB 37 Viggen (more precisely it means zone 3 as in stage 3 AB). I found it to be a good name for my own domain name since I am a life long aviation geek from Sweden.

Speaking about aviation geek, this blog and site are about geek stuff. I use it to explore and learn and experiment. I am a programmer not only by profession but also by interest. The purpose of the site is to act as a workbench for some digital endeavors of mine. (Since a couple of them involved a web site in Dotnet Core and how domain names and SSL works in practice, we're here and we're online. Might as well use it to write something different than "Ipsum Lorem", right?)

Viggen Zon 3 by Tim Jansson


I use technologies and resources that are made available for free (and if not, by permission). These include (but are not limited to):


  • Tim Jansson jugg.se at Facebook jugg.se at Instagram 
    Picture of Viggen, used with permission. You should really take a look at what he does, his photos are world-class!


  • Piranha CMS: CMS framework that is lightweight, well designed, and fun to work with! Oh, it's made in Sweden too!
  • Akismet: Spam protection. Used by implementing my own module for Piranha CMS
  • Nginx: Reverse proxy is what I use it for, but it can do much more
  • Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian): Debian based Linux distro for the Raspberry Pi. Much has happened since I compiled my first Linux kernel and edited CRT timings with Slackware  :)
  • GitHub: Source code hosting. The code has to live somewhere, right? (I use GitLab too, but not for this particular project)
  • .NET: Open source development framework. MS made a good choice going this way!
  • Visual Studio: Still the best IDE but I'm struggling (on the Mac that is - on MS it's far better)
  • Letsencrypt: SSL and certificates for free, hooray!
  • Python: Because... why not?! The only thing that concerns me is that it took me so long to give it a go
  • MySQL: Not sure I'll end up using it but that's what I've tried part from SQLite so far
  • Jet Brains: ReSharper and other tools that I just love since they really enhancing coding experience and quality. For free for open source development (apply here). Awesome!