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This is so, so cool. Yeah. Really. It is! This blog (and site) runs on the computer pictured here. It's a Raspberry Pi and it's awesome. At the size of a credit card and a cost of a decent lunch for two, it packs a punch of a modern day phone as far as computing power goes. It runs linux and on top of that this blog. Which in turn, is running Dotnet Core.

The server can be (and is) wall mounted using a state-of-the-art MOC I made in LEGO. Just because I can. And because it's fun to combine interests. Wall mount is of course a piece of LEGO too (seen to the left in the picture). And no, no LEGO pieces were harmed making this Raspberry Pi wall mount. And yeah, the holder needs an upgrade. Loads of LEGO pieces await!

As a matter of fact, this is the second time I have a personal spot on the internet (FB does not count!). Last time was around -95 and back then it was called a "home page" and not a blog. Ironically, 25 years later, I still use HTML running on a *nix machine. Much has happened since then and all for the better in this context.

Back in the nineties, who would have thought that you would be able to download a Microsoft framework released as open source, write code in it in Visual Studio that has been installed for free on a Mac, deploy it to a credit sized linux computer and run a blog on it? If you don't think that is awesome, you're either not old enough or not geeky enough ;)

Oh...  all this for free too! That is and will be a goal, to use freeware, public domain, open source as much as possible. If you're curious about the software in use, see about.

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